Monday, September 14, 2009

Best Liquorice Candy Ever

I have have always loved liquorice candy. I remember when I was younger, my grandmother and I were the only ones who would eat the blace liquorice jelly beans left in the bottom of the jar at Easter. I don't quite know what the lure is about them, maybe it is that mix of herbal bite and sweetness that just tingles on your mouth and lips after you have taken a bite. To many is utter disgust, which is why I purposly bought these little devils! I enjoy the thought of having my own candy stash around the house that would tempt no one else simply because of its liquorice origin. I quickly found out I was wrong. While still in the car in the T.J.Maxx parking lot I was so hungry I tore into the bag and with one bit I thought Heaven! They are, oh, how should I say with a proper british accent "Simply delightful!" Maybe too delightful that they would even sway the average liquorice hater? The test would be when I expose them to my husband in the candy jar that sits purched on our kitchen island. Well, the results are in and these candies are so good even liquorice dislikers like them! Damn, is there anything my husband won't eat?