Friday, February 26, 2010

Snow Day Boredom

Last Valentine's weekend the snow began to fall and it was the most breathtaking event I have seen in some time. Just when you thought the branches could hold no more of the well sifted powder, it defied gravity! Simply, a winter wonderland.

As the day progressed, while everyone was frozen in their splendor, so was my concrete statue. I think I know how she feels, but at least I had on my clothes! Yes, one of my (most heavy) obsessions is my love for concrete figurines. Not only do beautiful plants make a garden, but you must accentuate them with wonderful statues covered with a mossy green patina. She is my favorite and yes, she will be accompanying me to Arizona, even if I have to drag her body behind the Pesky moving van.
Although it does not snow here that often, I had to capture her image one last time. I have always admired the way in which the snow dusts her delicate shoulders and is captured in the waves in her hair. She looks as though she is shivering. Then, as the day progressed and lets face it, Valentines Day was the next day, I decided to adorn her a bit more. First came the pearls, then I whipped up a Valentine crown and dubbed her "Snow Queen". Maybe her name should be Queenie?

In retrospect, I guess I got a little carried away, but what the heck else was I supposed to do? Maybe my income tax?

Does absence really make the heart grow fonder?

Okay, I will have to eat my words this year. My dear, sweet husband a: remembered our anniversary on time (not the normal 2 day grace period) and b: sent/gave me a gift!!!!!!!!! I believe the only other time I received flowers was during his travel to Korea. So, as you can imagine these beautiful goodies were a huge shock to the system. I am so very proud of him. It is truly an anniversary miracle! In addition, he even specifically called my favorite florist, Casey's Florist in Rosewood NC, to make the flowers! Has he really been listening all these years or is my constant jabbering an underlying subliminal message? One may never know.
He was even spot on in the color realm of this beautiful bouquet. Did he know to tell them my favorite colors are pink and red? I guess the whole day can be summed up in two words a "beautiful enigma". Way to go Shaner!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentines to me!

I was not about to go out and purchase flowers for myself for Valentines. Nor, was I going to fight the hoards of men, carrying fugly over sized stuffed teddy bears and cheap half limp balloon bouquets, just to have some fresh flowers. Looking out my window to the backyard I am surrounded by beautiful camellia bushes. I decided to make an arrangement with them in one of my favorite milk glass containers. I will sadly miss these beauties when I am forced to move to my next destination in life, the dessert of Arizona. Next years post will have to be some sort of "succulent bouquet" I guess. Isn't that an oxymoron?

Valentine's Recycled

Though not the best picture I could have taken, hopefully you can see my vision. Well, I had this spectacular image of what I would do to decorate for Valentines, when I stumbled upon this unique picture stand at Goodwill. Total cost = $2.00! I know, I will fill it with vintage 40's & 50's Valentine cards. Quickly I realized finding the stand was one thing, but who knew the rarity and price of vintage cards! One antique store wanted at the least $14.00 for one used Valentine! NOT! Then I remembered, in the top of my closet in a giant shoebox (they are all giant since I wear a size 10) I have been saving cards of all occasions since before going to college. Yes, jackpot. Even better because they all had a deep emotional meaning. They are quite the smattering from my mom and dad, sister, grandmothers and friends. Forget the vintage, this is much more memorable. Lesson: Use what you have and recycle!

A Labor of L*O*V*E!

I love to wrap, I love to create and I love to give personal & unique gifts! So, one special friend of mine has a birthday approaching and I had to brainstorm what to give her. She and her sister both are very hard to top when gift giving is the agenda. Their whit and creativity are unmatched in my opinion, which makes it very difficult to reciprocate the "perfect" gift. The following is my attempt:

Yes, the creativity process got a little out of hand and resulted in the birth of two gifts, one for each sister. Wrapping to me is all about presentation. It is like a first impression, you only get one chance and you must woo your recipient.
The cake is tops! I started by making the base out of a noodle can I had been salvaging, folded some scrapbook paper for the cup, stuffed it with floral foam and added the flowers & candle.

A peek inside reveals two precious dolls! (A slight obsession of mine) The first one began with a vintage boy scout first aid tin, which was befitting since my friend is a retired nurse. From there it all began to build momentum and I had to refrain from adding too much.
Everything is salvaged, recycled, vintage or hand made, which makes the possibilities endless. This is a shot of her purse made of an old matchbook. The strap is part of the chain from my closet light, it was too long anyway.

I cannot believe what is at your fingertips when you begin looking at "things" through creative lenses.
She also enjoys gardening, hence the name I dubbed her "Mother Nurture" i.e. gardening and nurse combo. Her bouquet is a vintage 50's floral pin and her watering can is one half of a salt and pepper set I found at an antique mall.

She would not be complete without a removable birthday hat.
As for sister, she was inspired by this tobacco tin. Both sisters love a good cig, so I had to jump at the opportunity to make her extra special.
The custom broach on the skirt even has a hand made flamingo accent. Another quirk which makes it unique and personal to them both.

She has some somkin hot legs!

A stack of packages resembles what they they do best, gift giving. Hence her name "The Giftaholic".

I could go on and on about my how to's and why's and where's, but I must come to a close. I feel fortunate just knowing each of these women, while it may have been a labor of love, I LOVED every minute!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Terrarium Fever

Sweet Nothings, originally uploaded by Katie Runnels.

I want to crawl inside that glass dome and live forever!

Green Bird Wonder Cloche, originally uploaded by Katie Runnels.

Little Pink, detail, originally uploaded by Katie Runnels.

The Ugly Duckling, originally uploaded by Katie Runnels.

My Muse of the Month!

Paper Mache Terrarium, originally uploaded by Katie Runnels.

Holy mushrooms! I think I am in LOVE! This morning I stumbled upon Katie Runnels photo stream on flickr and boy does she pack a wallop of ideas into one tiny terrarium. So, for all of my former customers out there who ever purchased a terrarium/ cloche/ glass dome, I highly recommend you gaze upon the endless possibilities she can offer. I can honestly say I do not know what it is about a mushroom that I am constantly drawn to. Is it that you can eat some and not others, maybe it has a whole Alice in Wonderland fantasy about them, or is it they can transform into larger than life candy as in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?