Friday, August 28, 2009

Oh Baby!

Who said a baby shower had to be in pastels. While scouring through our local Target, much to my dismay they had only one style of paper goods for a baby shower. What, I thought for a second, I must be at K-Mart or Wal-Wart. Are these the remanents of a Blue Light Special? This is Target for cryingout loud! There should be an array of pastel baby blues with tingy polka dots, blue bunnies, chicks or something better than a pregnant woman's sillouette to choose from! So, what to do? Quickly we looked around the aisles and discovered the solids section. You know, a red plate combined with a blue napkin and a yellow Solo cup. Yeah, this is a baby shower not a frat party. Then, it dawned on us, what if we did the shower all in primary colors! Fabulouse! Like crayons, bright and beautiful, even kinda funky mod. Out with the old baby blue and in with the new. After all was said and done, eveything came together and made it worth blogging about.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

What will we expect to see at Elizabelle's?

Welcome, to the grand opening of Elizabelle's! That is pronounced E-liz-a-bell-s. Please, come right on in and join me and my adventures, through this crazy new voyage (or is it voyeur) called a blog. My actual name given to me is Elizabeth, but several years ago in college a very dear, close friend called me Elizabelle. I kinda like the ring of that (no pun intended).

I am planning to use this blog to indulge you in all of my interests: floral arranging, decorating, landscaping, entertaining, cooking(kinda scary), sewing and much, much more! I also plan to share with you other love interests in my life such as my family, friends and especially my beloved pets.

If there is one thing I promise to bring to you with each entry, it is inspiration, making your home and life more beautiful!

All systems Go! Houston, I hope we do not have a problem?

Okay, well here I go ... I think. Well, I was inspired to finally create my own blog/world by watching the now ever so famous movie about blogging, Julie and Julia. It was a superb show. Lets see what was the sound of inspiration: click, click, return and poof you now have a blog, no charge no nothing, clip your wings and you are free to soar through the universe known to everyone as the world wide web? God could it be that simple? Well, I do not know yet because I have not mustered up enough strength or courage to hit the ever so scary orangish button down at the bottom of this page that says "PUBLISH POST"! My gosh, is there a flashing red button somewhere that says "EXIT NOW" don't do it, go back, don't commit!?