Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pull Up a Chair!

Early this summer a friend of mine requested a little interior design, shall we say, nudge. We began our process focusing on the kitchen. I think if anyone is contemplating revitalizing your home interior you should start with the place you spend a majority of your time and for a majority of us this would be the kitchen. It is the centrifuge from which our lives are centered around, where each day begins and ends, and where we gather together.

The next step, we chose a color pallet. What better place to impact our family and friends than where they are seated. I wish I had captured a quick pic so I could awe you with a before and after, but due to my anxiousness and rush to get things done, I simply forgot.

I cannot take credit for the infusion of the sewn stripe down the seat of this chair. Suzane Kasler (famous Atlanta interior designer) has a fabulous must buy book titled, "Inspired Interiors" and she is a featured designer for Ballard Magazine I must dub her my inspirational muse!

LOVE it! The stripe adds just a touch of an unexpected mod to an otherwise very traditional chair.

Monday, October 11, 2010

"FALL" in love with Pumpkins!

Unfortunately, I am having to live out the splendor of the fall/ Halloween season vicariously through tempting Target store displays, Dollar Store end caps, as well as through close friends wonderful home decor. Since our move to Tucson in looming in the very near future, I have vowed NOT to buy any pumpkins this year! .......................that is until the other day. The temptation to stop at our local farmer's market (Elroy Farms) was almost overwhelming. Each time I pass by on my way to church, I must simply turn the other cheek, hoping to not catch a glimpse of these beautiful fall beauties. I simply cannot be trusted around bin of pumpkins or gourds. My husband loathes a pumpkin ( I guess because it just "sits there"), where I adore them!
I even proclaimed to a dear friend of mine, Susan, I would not buy or "break" for any pumpkins this year. Why add more weight to the move. Right? Then, Susan left a message on the answering machine that peeked my curiosity. She said, "Elizabeth, you must go by Elroy! There is a pumpkin with my name on it!" What could that mean? Is my name going to be literally translated into the skin of the pumpkin? What could this cryptic message possibly mean?

So, to relieve my curiosity I made the pilgrimage out to the market. Oh.....My.........Goodness! God does exist! I have seen lots of pumpkins in my life, but never have I seen one that was Pink and Gray! Not painted pink and gray, but designed by the impeccable taste of God! It is as if Suzanne Kasler (read a Ballard Design magazine) or Martha Stewart genetically engineered pumpkins and gourds to accessorize their home interiors! Perfection!

These pumpkins are the most perfect color you could ever imagine, slightly blush pink with a hint of a patina gray. Yes, I crumbled under the pressure of its beauty and bought one. Just ONE!
Precious cargo must be properly strapped in its seat!