Monday, July 12, 2010

Art Camp Take II

Okay people, it is the second session of art class at Camp Jordan and this one takes the cake! Literally. Everyone had a blast last Friday night and how could you not when your subject matter is a fabulously festive birthday cake and your instructor is the enthusiastic, multitalented artist Mrs. Lisa Jordan. In my opinion, if you are considering attending a class and you are a bit timid when it comes to painting, ease into it and begin with a still life subject.

Below is the finished product/ teaser for the class to be held on August 12th. Sign up for classes as soon as possible! Lisa will soon be unveiling images depicting the upcoming holiday seasons! I wait with anticipation to see what Lisa has planned for Halloween!!!!

How fabulous is this painting of your very own front door? You could paint this for a house warming gift for a friend, newly weds for their first home or take the image and have cards printed for your very own Christmas open house. Wow!

Lisa's wall of fame! Totally mesmerizing, inspirational and hypnotic. How could you not create when surrounded by these wonderful original works of art? What makes the wall even more special and personal is that each of Lisa's family members has had a hand in painting several pieces.

Do you see that spectacular little calf in the center of the picture? I covet him!!!! I am not forecasting anything, but if it were to suddenly disappear you might find it somewhere in the Tucson, AZ region. I want to say the creative mind behind this little guy is none other than Lisa's youngest son, Spencer.
Note: If you do decided to attend a class, try to make it a "girl's night out". We gathered together our own Goldsboro Posse. We laughed and had a great time, plus we made plenty of new friends and contacts in Greenville!

Hers is the talented teacher, Mrs. Lisa Jordan renaissance woman extraordinaire. Quickly take a seat, class is about to begin!
The ever looming blank, white canvas. Intimidating at first, but once Lisa begins slapping the paint on effortlessly all your inhibitions are out he window!

My partner in crime, Tiffany. I just hope we can "squeeze" in one last class before Tiff's due date. Isn't she just precious!!

Yikes, I did not know they let men take classes? Maybe she is just a man trapped in a woman's body.
Ta-Da! See everyone can do it! The best part of the evening is the unveiling and comparison of each ladies artwork. They are all so unique! Each person's personality is expressed through their painting. Those who are outspoken and vivacious seem to be heavier on color and looser in their lines, while those who are somewhat reserved are more precise and "color within the lines".

My masterpiece! I think I am going to take it a step further and add a little Mod Podge around the icing of my cake and sprinkle it with a few mica flakes! We will have to see how that turns out. Also, if you wish Lisa will attach a spectacular array of glorious ribbon to the top of your painting to "jazz it up" and double as a hanger. (See first image @ top of page) It only costs a few dollars extra, way worth the added touch, plus now you can hang your painting on the wall, by a suction cup in a window or greet birthday party goers at the front door in place of a wreath! The possibilities are endless!
Overall, the best souvenir of the evening is artistic fuel and inspiration!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Art Appreciation

Well, I cannot give a valid explanation as to why I have not posted an entry lately, but I suppose I have been experiencing a creative & inspirational (emotionally spurred) slump! I do not know if it is the heat or a combination of the climate and my current housing dilemma..But thank goodness I have found my muse! Here it/ she is:

Marjorie Rose Powell

Marjorie Rose Powell is my favorite folk artist extraordinaire! If you are not familiar with her work let me bring your cultural side up-to-date. She is a self taught artist born and bred here in North Carolina. Her paintings are in galleries across the U.S. and Europe. Her art work and subject matter is simple (almost childlike), yet never the less mesmerizing. If you do not catch yourself smiling when gaze upon her work, there is clearly some thing wrong with you and the right side of your brain!

One trademark of Marjorie's is the color! The color! Can we talk? The color in her artwork is truly energy on canvas, which brings her work to life! I guess that is why folk art is often mistaken as child's art. What could be more flatting in my opinion. You can just see a child coloring and testing every crayon in the box! Maybe that is another reason for her popularity, because it conjures images from our childhood and overwhelms us with glee. Her work is incredibly personal and whimsical. Each painting is painstakingly and meticulously detailed, sort of like a Where's Waldo? poster. You will catch yourself shouting out loud, "Look did you see that over here? and another person will proclaim "look at that detail under there!"

Once you encounter a Marjorie Rose Powell original, I promise you will feel compelled to buy one of your own. Pictured above is my first Powell acquisition I purchased at the Wayne County Art's Council silent auction last year. Though fabulous, it still was not enough to squelch my desire to own more! So, on Friday it just so happened I had to add to my collection. I quickly justified my purchases (due to the stress of "the move") and added to my hoarding addiction! The first painting is titled "Waiting to be Weaned". As a dog lover, she had me at Woof! Then, the coup de grace is the Halloween painting titled "Fabulously Brave Trick-or-Treaters". If you know me and my love for everything Halloween, I need not say more? S*O*L*D!!!!
The lesson learned here is: buy what you love, appreciate art & the art world, and let others inspire you through their creative talents! I must go forth now create.