Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday's Muse: Tree Decorating by Darryl Moland

Today, I thought I would invite and stimulate your senses over to a fabulous blog I recently stumbled upon dubbed: The Decorated The genius creator behind this beautiful blog is Darryl Moland. Darryl's blog is not simply about decorating your old tired traditional Christmas/ holiday tree, but rather he embraces and enhances the beauty within each tree and uniquely expresses that inner beauty throughout the seasons.

Now I must admit, when I first laid eyes on Darryl's blog, it was so professional, so tasteful, so beautiful, crisp and flawless (i.e. perfection!), immediately I skipped to reading his profile. This person had to be a stylist for the Martha Stewart Show! I know I have seen these images or some like them in the Rolodex of my photographic memory! Haven't you? That white Christmas tree with its soft blue gray backdrop and opalescent ornaments, along with the perfectly placed milk glass bowl? Was this not featured in Martha or some other magazine? Much to my surprise and shock, no he is not employed by the Martha Stewart empire, but he is just that good!
Whether it is an entire evergreen tree, tinsel tree, even the silhouette of a tree or simply a limb, Darryl carefully morphs each one into a one-of-a-kind signature creation. It is amazing how just the smallest tweak of a limb or positioning of an ornament changes your whole perception of "tree decorating".

Even in the heat of the summer, when all you think of the purpose of trees is to seek refuge from the sun, Darryl has used a tree for a picnic! Should I send out the invites now for my 4th of July party so I can do the very same thing?!

How about this spring flight of fancy with a tree laden with monarch butterflies. I believe somewhere in my repertoire of various tree hoarding goodies I do have a similar tree with a few less branches...Hmmmmm.

Woodland Tree

New Year Glitz Tree

I LOVE viewing other artists work and trying to dissect their thought processes. (Blogs are the perfect instrument for this exploration). This is what should truly inspire you to create, seeing art transformed through other's eyes. Like standing/ walking in another person's shoes. It is a wildly fun process in which will broaden your creative horizon to infinity.
Thank you Darryl for allowing us to peek into your life and feast on your imagination! Keep producing your works of art!
Please click here: The Decorated Tree to link over to Darryl's site and read more about the man, the artist (his cats) and his life!
**All Images Courtesy of Darryl Moland/ The Decorated***

Monday, March 7, 2011

Doggone Good Craft!

Early this morning as I was driving I came to a screeching halt when I saw the "Estate Sale" sign conveniently located at the end of my road. Onward I went up through the canyon and look what goodie was waiting for me! This lovely little gold metal frame! It so needed a good home. Wow, oh so cute and FRENCHY!
It was a no brainer when the lady running the sale remarked that today was the second day, so everything would be half off! SOLD!

As I was cleaning up my new found treasure, I wondered what I should slip inside...a photograph? A drawing? Words of wisdom? And it came to me. Lately in my paper craft explorations I have been obsessed with silhouettes. Silhouettes of children, places, animals, scenes, backdrops, seasons, couples, you name it, there is a black and white image of it out there! So, why not your pets! Here is the simplest way to do this you will need the following materials: a frame, an image of your silhouette, black card stock, scissors and your choice of a decorative paper for the background.

1) I took the glass out of the frame and used it for a template to trace the background, which I will mount the silhouette. I kept it simple and used an old piece of sheet music, but you can go wild and use funky or retro scapbook paper or maybe even old pieces of wallpaper you might have around the house. Heck, you can probably use a crap piece of material.
2) Print out an image off your computer of what it is you would like to trace. I chose my dog Vergel. You can print an image of your children or grandchildren, Easter bunnies (after all it is just around the corner), do an anniversary card with two people kissing, use a picture of your home, pets, anything will do. No, do not panic. You do not have to print the image out on your computer. If you have a picture in your hands of what it is you want, go make a quick copy of it at the local grocery store or print shop.
3) Now, once you have the image you desire printed on paper, trace it out with a pencil. You may have to fudge a bit as I did above in the picture of my dog. I simply traced a line through the bars so I could achieve the silhouette I needed, then cut out along the line you just made.
4) Finally, (sorry no pic) with this image, trace it again on black card stock and repeat step 3. Mount inside frame and you are done! It is your artwork, you made it and it is personal!

Ta-Dah! My Vergel will always be remembered. Love it!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A New "Mini" Bundle of JOY!

It's a GIRL!

Mini Cooper S (3/6), originally uploaded by DaveR53.
Congratulations are in order over at Libby's World Blog, she now is the proud owner of her very own Mini Cooper! Hip, Hip, HOORAY for Liz! I am so happy for her. I can just see her now zipping around the tiny brick roads of Alexandria, VA. Wish I were there to celebrate with you! Instead of christening her with a bottle of champagne, maybe we could substitute a yummy grande americano with steamed non-fat milk and 4 splenda from Starbucks! Vroom....Vrooooooom!