Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Moving Forward

Finally, I believe I have overcome my move to the West, and now I have been stewing to do something creative. So, why not open a business, again!? Well, this time it is going to be not quite like before when I dove into the deep end of the pool without taking a beginner swim class. No, now I think I am going to easy into this next venture by wading slowly into the kiddy pool.

My new home storefront is located at Copper Country Antique Mall here in Tucson. Upon first glance at the store's appearance from the outside it is quite shall we say, "kitschy"? But, it is great fun inside and a world of treasures!

My Before shot of the booth I have adopted........


Phew, gone is all that clutter and I started with a revamp of the space, new paint and I added 8" tall molding. Everyone laughed as I added molding but I simply could not move forward until this stage was set properly. Now, off to fill the space. I will post a better "After" upon completion. Oh how good it feels to be back in the swing of things. Loving every minute of it!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Alive....but Well?

Well.... I am happy to report back into blog land, but it is sad to say I do not have the accompaniment of my trusty sidekick Trixie (aka: the old computer). She was a good old gal, who navigated me through some troubled times in life and has seen it all, literally! Though we had our difficulties, arguments and disagreements she was none-the-less reliable, even up until her untimely demise. Little was known about Trixie and her inner workings, especially to my surprise I was not aware that she had been built with a, shall we say "Living Will"!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ah HA! Yes, deep inside her striped RAID Zero configured memory she was harboring a deep dark secret she did not want anyone to know about, nor will we ever! Hence the reason she has now shaved TEN years off of my life! Gone! Lost amongst her convoluted, twisted wires and motherboards are all the memories: previous business, pets, Christmas, Halloween, formal events, countless Purchased collage sheets, lists of wholesalers and a never ending favorites category of my favorite blogs! I could go on and on....but I digress.

(Trixie R.I.P.)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Crash and Burn

Hello, this is a different Elizabeth coming to you as a guest blogger. Just call me Liz. I am here to inform you that the real Elizabeth of Elizabelle's is experiencing technical difficulties of a most extreme kind. Her computer has been involved in a horrible crash and is completely incapacitated. The Dr. has advised no blogging, email, surfing, actually no activity of any kind. So not one to disobey Dr.'s orders, Elizabeth won't be able to blog for a while. She doesn't want to let you down faithful reader so I am here to tell you that she will be back, so stay tuned and check in....She will return!