Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday's Muse!

Halloween 6, originally uploaded by A Fanciful Twist.

This weekend I helped my good friend Lisa Jordan decorate for Halloween and now my creative juices are over flowing!.... more like they are spewing forth like a waterfall of inspiration! (Sorry, I forgot to take my camera to Lisa's house but I am sure I will be returning before the week is over and I will post the images later) So, in the meanwhile, I thought I would shine the creativity spotlight on another artist, Vanessa Valencia and her blog:

Halloween 7, originally uploaded by A Fanciful Twist.

I love her blog! Not only does she have beautiful images but everything she makes, stages, celebrates, creates, paints, and just touches in general is simply dreamy! Pure 100% sugar coated eye candy! Beware if you are diabetic, you may not be able to take it all in at one sitting, definitely have your insulin near by! For about a year now I have been secretly stalking Vanessa via her blog, website and her Flickr photos. It was not too long ago I read her bio on her blog and guess where she resides?...............................................TUCSON, Arizona!!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe it? I can't! Maybe it is fate!

Halloween 23, originally uploaded by A Fanciful Twist.
Well, these are the to die for images of her Halloween 2008. The attention to detail is over the top magnificent! No wonder her blog is dubbed a Fanciful Twist, because it is as if you have fallen down the rabbit hole deep into her imagination. When I look at the pictures I immediately want to be zapped by that Willy Wonka machine that shrunk the kid down to mouse size and scamper all about this table setting.

Halloween 22, originally uploaded by A Fanciful Twist.

Halloween 43, originally uploaded by A Fanciful Twist.

The color WOW! Love the traditional black, white and candy corn with just a pop of lime green and hot pink! If this does not stimulate you into dragging down the Halloween decorations, give me a call and I will gladly do it for you (for the right price$$$$). After all, I am having to live vicariously through friend's decorations this year since we are in our "transition stage"! I think if I were to decorate for Halloween in my house this year it would greatly deter any on-lookers!

Halloween 2, originally uploaded by A Fanciful Twist.

Halloween 49, originally uploaded by A Fanciful Twist.

halloween 3, originally uploaded by A Fanciful Twist.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Okay, maybe I bought one other thing.......

Yes, there was one other item that made its way into my purchases while at Target today..............Roscoe's Halloween costume! How could I resist?

Do you see the dog bones and candy corn in the belly of the ribcage? Maybe if the rest of the pack is cooperative, later we will have another photo shoot.

It's Spooking Time at Target!

Early this morning, while others were probably still sleeping, I ventured out to Target to buy paper towels. Much to my surprise, I was delighted to see the emergence of Halloween and Fall decorations all around the store. I think I spotted the wickedly beautiful glitter encrusted goodies all the way from the shoe department! It was truly glowing with all of its Halloween splendor. Could it be? Have they begun merchandising their Halloween? I knew it was true, when from afar I could hear its eerie sounds muffled by the displays of back-to-school supplies. Thank goodness it was early and not too many people where in Target at that time, because I thing I probably skipped all the way to the back of the store!

EEEEEK! I can hardly contain myself! Finally, are we going to have a good selection of Halloween! It seems as thought it has been a couple of years since I have witnessed anything worth buying!

LOVE IT! Yes, there were four skeleton candy containers on the bottom shelf (two orange and two black) until I arrived. Now, one resides in my basket! Look at the two fall sweaters I had already picked up in the clothing department! I must have Halloween on the brain! Speaking of brain, don't think for a second that this orange glittered skull is going to makes its debut in Tucson without an enormous party hat to cover the contents of his brain!

So many yummies to choose from but I kept it to a one purchase minimum!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Welcome Baby!

Just a quickie blog welcoming Baby Warner. What better way to introduce him into the craft world than through a hand painted banner, a fabulous silk bow and a Halloween goodie gift for mom. No ordinary powder blue yucky bow would do to adorn this door, so with a little Lisa Jordan fuel I had left over in my creative juices tank I was able to crank out this sign. I was not sure the end result would be blog worthy, but here is my attempt....

Of course, no craft project is complete without a little glitter bedazzling it!

You cannot take a gift for baby without a reward for Mom! Being a true Halloween fanatic to the "bone", Mom could take it easy, peruse a few Halloween magazines. Lets start planning for his first Halloween! Trust me, it is never to early!

He's Back!

Well, look who is back resting on the wall outside the den window. I wonder if it is the same squirrel every time? It must be. I think I will run a line of bird seed down the length of the wall so I can take pictures of him chowing down. Today, he has been discovered by the dogs. Now he is simply taunting them.
Love the pine cone remnants he and his little friends and family have left littered about the yard. I swear they are like wood chippers when it comes to pine. How must it taste eating wood all day? Do you get splinters in your mouth? and the sap! Yikes, that's like consuming Pine-o-Pine cleaner!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"Bebe" Nursery

Brace yourself... here it comes... the unveiling of the cutest nursery ever! Baby Warner will be sleeping well in this deluxe French influenced nursery! I must say, the new parents-to-be have out done themselves with this little jewel. It is heavenly with just the appropriate dash of masculinity.
Diligent planning and an impeccable eye for detail, this mommy-to-be has it all! Ingredients needed: Great taste (sorry you cannot buy that), spectacular fabric provided by the Cloth Barn (you can by that; located in Goldsboro, NC), and one-of-a-kind faux finishing via Lisa Jordan (you might can buy that if you are lucky; located in Greenville, NC).
With the doors removed from the closet, it allows all the baby's visitors to sneak a peek inside at his fabulous wardrobe. Do my eyes deceive me, or is that his first Halloween costume hanging inside there? I want a piece of that pumpkin pie!

Yet, another party hat. Sorry, it is an addiction and I must have a good hit of it at least once a week!

LOVE a good bunny oil painting! Never can you have too many original oil paintings, especially one as spectacular as this one.

Even the father-to-be is talented! The show stopper of this room is the crown/ canopy hanging above the baby bed. It too, has been touched by Lisa and personalized with an "H" monogram. Vic had made the crown from scratch!!!!! It took some experimentation, as does any good project but in the end it truly is the crown jewel! If you are interested in purchasing one of them, please leave me a comment or send me an email. Maybe once the baby comes Vic will begin to take orders. Baby Perry-Smith is first!!! (no, I am not pregnant....I just want to add one to my hoarding pile of all things baby!)
An ordinary hutch in the beginning, but now a wonderfully attractive baby changing station!

Here is where Baby Warner is going to be rocked to sleep each day and night! Chocolate accents through out with that wonderful Frenchy toile baby bedding.....irresistible!

Oh, and not to forget the needlepoint bunny rug! It is all to die for! Good Luck Hollands on your new delivery!

To Etsy or Not to Etsy?

Here are the fruits of my crafting labor here on this past Labor Day weekend! You like? How much do you like it? I wanted to create something special for my dear friend Tif (who is expecting). So, since I will not probably be around to see little Baby Holland have is first haircut and loss of his first tooth, I thought I could make him a little keepsake.

In true Elizabelle format, what project would not be complete without a party hat? Trust me, you can find an excuse to squeeze a little festive part hat into your everyday lives!

Okay, so here I will pose the question I Etsy or not? and What should I charge? What would you pay for something like this? Please, Please, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! leave me a comment with your input. I welcome all criticism, you will not hurt my feelings!

Temporary Wallpaper? no, its not just an oxymoron

Okay, what kind of fabulousness is this? Temporary wallpaper? Do my new finely tuned renter's ears deceive me? This is truly an answer from God for those in desperate need to personalize their "rental space". Introducing by Lolli Props. I LOVE the name already!

The company was conceived by an aunt and her twin nieces located in New York City. Together, they are set decorators who were tired of not being able to revamp their props... so enters the invention of temporary wallpaper. It is genius! It is sold in 20.5" x 11 yard rolls starting price 75.00 a roll. Not only is their technology cutting edge, but so are the glorious patterns they have to offer.

As you can see, the overall palette is very contemporary/ Art Nouveau in design and color! I can just imagine the impact one small roll could do in transforming a tiny NY apartment! Maybe I should move there to perform such an experiment.
Also, one of their newest additions to the line are precious patterns for a baby's nursery! It is imperative you visit the site and check it out!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Martha your heart out!

Okay, it has only been approximately three weeks since the "Shower Extraordinaire" and since the baby (guest of honor) is due on Tuesday, I thought I had better blog about it! Well, for those of you who were unable to attend I must say it was, shall we say....To DIE For! For years now I have been hoarding only the best of the best baby shower goodies in hopes of throwing a huge extravaganza for a dear friend or better yet, for myself! Along the way I have somewhat pimped out some of the props to various friends and customers to help them celebrate their own little bundles of joy but now finally the entire culmination of props and ideas were able to take center stage! Who better to showcase it all for than my dear friend Tiffany.

Here, I did get the idea from one of Martha Stewart's Wedding magazines and decided to cut hearts welcoming guests up the walkway. I think I found the cute saying on one of the invites I had perused on the net. How precious did they turn out!

Of course the front door would not have been complete without an Elizabelle's signature bow.

Next to the door we floated an assortment of rubber duckies I have been collecting for years.

Hello, if you have never met my beautiful stork here he is in all his glory, adorned with a pink silk top hat and gingham silk tails! I love, love, love him! Next to him in the entryway is an old vintage baby scale, which might I add has a stork on the face of the dial. On the scale we stacked all the parting gifts for guest. Inside were XL sweetie cookies I had attempted to make the night before. I have never made them so large, nor have I ever dyed them blue. I will have to follow up that adventure with another blog.

If you can zoom in close, on the table is Tiffany's corsage. I wish I had taken a closer photo of it, but I made it from a bright blue linen fabric and used the same pattern I had to make a yellow corsage in one of my previous posts. But one thing, I printed a small banner and sewed it to the flower saying "Mother-to-Bee" and added an image of a bumble bee!

Each of the cookies was inserted into wax paper baggies (complements of The Paper Place here in Goldsboro) and then sealed with a vintage image of a chick with an umbrella, which read "Thank You for Showering Us with Your Love!" How cute!

This is Barbara's breathtakingly beautiful dining room. I could not conceive of a more perfect or picturesque place to have as a backdrop for this party! The home is not only stunningly beautiful but it is so welcoming and comfortable.

We decided to serve the food buffet style. So, to make it a little easier for guest to move through the line, I sewed white paper sacks in half, then stuffed them with a napkin and utensils. This way you could just grab it and go!

This too is my new favorite thing, making these larger than life cupcakes! In the past I have made them for birthdays, but what better to decorate the mantle, especially since the invitations had the very same cupcakes!

Compliments of Barbara and her impeccable taste, she had these totally fabulous stuffed animals in here granddaughter's room. How majestic are these I ask you? Referring to them as "stuffed animals" does not quite do them justice. Oh, and what party would not be complete without a party hat? The kangaroo's had has a banner flying from the top that says "Baby Warner". With the help of my favorite medium, papier-mache, I was able to make this baby block riser for the kangaroo, as well as two more for the dining room table.

Now for Part I of the food served: This cake and its many little mini cupcakes below, was not only precious to look at, but was delicious as well! All of the credit goes to the cutest little girl in Rosewood, Amanda Merrit #583-9748 I cannot say enough positive things about this lady, easy to work with, crazy reasonably priced and imaginative. Please contact her for all your cake needs! p.s. her home is so clean I would eat off the floor!

The mini cupcakes that Amanda suggested were a tremendous hit! They were just bite size, perfect and no mess! Everyone ate one...or two.....or three. At the end of the evening Tif and Vic took the top cake tier with them!

Part II of the food served: ....Sorry, I did not take photos of all the heavenly food! I guess I was so hungry and threw the camera down to eat, or maybe it was that everything was so scrumptious it was devoured in the blink of an eye. You can thank Chef Barbara for the delectable dinner! I think Barbara should have a part time job catering on the side or at least publish a cook book. Everyone was dieing to know the recipe for the chicken casserole, rice (unlike any rice I have ever consumed), dinner rolls, etc. Fabulous to say the least!

Do you not LOVE the lemonade decanter/ apothecary jar!! I have had it for a couple of years now and it finally got to make its debut. After all, might as well get one good show in if by some chance it does not make the big move to Arizona! Hey Lisa, I see you trying to steal that puppy away from me. Don't think I will not know were to begin looking for it if it goes missing.
Another added touch, we floated rubber duckies in the top of the lemonade.

I have always had on my radar a mossy covered swan ever since I saw one in a wedding magazine about ten years ago. Still to this day I have yet to discover one..........until NOW! Well, I had to have some sort of live floral arrangement and I desperately need a cute container to show it off, so I was determined to make my own swan. It took some experimentation, trial and error, and viola! All in all, it was not too difficult to make, but look for another post titled "Swan Tutorial" and I will tell you all you need to know so you can have one of your very own!

What good swan would not be complete without being adorned with a party hat? A mother goose party hat no less.
Barbara pins the mother-to-be Tiffany with her corsage. The other good thing about making the corsage is that it can be saved as a keep sake or you could sport it again on a cardigan.

Oh my goodness, I cannot get enough of Tif! How precious is she? Beautiful, kind, sweet, giving...I know she will make the ultimate mommy.

Love, love, love these two very special gal pals. If you do not already recognize her, that is the famous artist Lisa Jordan on the far right. She drove all the way from Greenville to join in our celebration!

Barbara and Tif take a quick pose before we commence the opening of gifts.
Wanda, Wanda, probably the most photogenic person I know! Truly a beautiful woman on the outside, but I think it is her inner spirit that shines through in her photos.

Finally, Tif sits down and begins the process of unwrapping her wonderful gifts.

Wow, someone has impecable tast! I think everyone swooned over this package. How cute? Baby blue tulle and vintage children spoon and fork, knotted with a hint of chocolate brown and blue ribbon? LOVE it!

Tiffany is already practicing her peek-aboos over the top of this present. Guess who that gift is from? Miss Lisa. I know the heart attack that awaits her on the inside of that thin little package. Just wait and see......

Yep, it is none other than a Lisa Jordan original painting! and it is the one Tif has been coveting to finish the baby's nursery. Her reaction is priceless!

Finally, what made probably one of the biggest hits at the party was a gift from the Vanns. Leave it to them to think of everything! Simultaneous, gut busting laughter filled the room when Tif revealed what was hiding inside the box. A little my first lawn mower! (If you do not know Vic, the baby's daddy, mows lawns, as well as holds a full time job)

Vroom, Vroom! Dwanda and Adaline you have outdone yourselves once again!

Like I said before, a joyouse occasion with friends, family, and friends that are family! Truely memorable!