Thursday, January 28, 2010

Love (Amour) for Sale!

It is a little bit Frenchy, vintage, retro, messy, time consuming, aggravating...need I say more? But, I do like the finished product. I cannot lie, this was a little tricky to make. As you can see each letter was hand glittered, then each bunting was folded out of vintage music paper, threaded with retro "love bird" satin ribbon and assembled with "amour"! Viva la French!!! It can all be yours if you would like to purchase it today. This is the first time I have listed anything on my blog for sale, so if you would contact me through email: or if you are local call me!

Price: $28.00 -----SOLD!!!!!!!!

I think it would also be darling tied above a little girl's headboard year round. Also, my favorite is displaying it from a large painting or mirror in an entry hall. Do not worry about the reflection, the paper is double sided and is just as sweet from the back. Finally, you could hang it in your kitchen from the arms of a chandelier or drape it across a beautiful window you look through everyday!

Will You Be Mine?

Hot fresh out of the oven! Who ordered a be mine banner?
I was so pleased with the results of my experiment with the "puppy love" banner I have now moved on to a larger scale. Selfishly, I was going to keep this next banner for myself, but instead decided to include it in a package I was mailing to my mom. Mom, if you are reading, I know you will have no idea what to do with it when you receive it so I have included a way for you to display it at the end of this page. I must say I LOVE it!
Like an idiot, I did complete the BE MINE banner but foolishly threw it in the box I was mailing and forgot to snap a photograph! RRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I am so mad at myself, well guess I will have to just make another to prove to you all just how cute it turned out.

...and they called it Puppy L-O-V-E!

Yes, the Valentine crafting does not seem to have ceased around my house. I do not know if this tangent came about out of boredom or procrastination from packing all of my belongings for the big move. Either way, I found it blog worthy. Above my dog's feeding bowl I hung this mirror some time ago and I thought it needed a little embellishment for the Valentine howliday.
Because we are in preparation of moving, I have been trying to refrain from buying anything else I will have to pack, so I have resorted to using stuff about the house. But who are we kidding, I have this weeks Michael's 50% off coupon burning a hole in my purse! I might have to make a detour through there when I go to the grocery store. Anyway, I started by simply printing out the letters on the computer, then cut them out with pinking shears. Next, I used an old cereal box to cutout the hearts. The cereal box holds up better to glittering and gluing. Painted on the Mod Podge (glue) and glittered with Martha's red, no excuse me "garnet" glitter. Finally, hole punch, thread and hang!

Of course, I had to cut out a little doggie silhouette to finish it off just right.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Valentine Gift Giving

After returning home from our journey to Texas, I had to purge my mind of all thoughts of Christmas and focus on my second favorite holiday (that which follows Halloween) VALENTINES DAY! Although the Christmas decorations are still looming around every corner in my home, I must craft a little on Valentines. Well, while skimming through blogs and the Internet I found this fabulous pattern for high heeled shoes ( What a great place to start! I know two very special ladies who love shoes and I had picked up a few bobbles for them in Texas, so lets wrap it up!

First, I started by cutting out an envelope which doubles as a purse. Super easy to fold and glue together. Here are the shoes all assembled. I did print the pattern onto heavy card stock so that they would be sturdy. Also, the heavier paper will weather the next step of painting on the glue and dusting it with glitter.
The secret for any good crafter is "Mod Podge"! I use to make fun of my good friend Liz for using it, but I started experimenting with it and now we are inseparable (the glue and I that is, Liz left me and moved to D.C.) Anyway, brush on the Mod Podge and sprinkle with nothing other than Martha Stewart's red glitter.

The buckles I got a little carried away with, but since turquoise is my new favorite color to mix with pink I could not resist!

This is my favorite part the love bug! He flew all the way from Texas and his wings are tired. Into the box little guy.

Ta Da! a little pink wrapping paper from Big Lots + fabulous ribbon + craft paper and glitter = one spectacular Valentine package made with nothing but love!

Yes, I think my mind cannot stop spinning and I am glad it didn't before I delivered the package. It came to me the other day when I was looking at old vintage valentines on etsy, you know the good old ones with sweet cute sayings, well I had the heels so why not go all the way with the packaging. My good friend says "go big or go home" always, always take what ever you do to the max! even it it means taking a few people or pills down with you!

Mad About Matting!

Okay, I am tired of the same old boring mattes you have to choose from when you go to a frame shop or your local Michael's craft store. All the dull mattes scream circa 1980-ish. No thanks! So, while I was drooling over the spectacular pink wrapping paper at Target a while back, I thought maybe I could incorporate it somehow into my house. After retuning home and still wondering what to do with the paper I had left behind it came to me! Framing! I hurried back and bought two rolls, then proceeded to revamp my black and white pictures I had hanging of my parents. I simply traced the current matte onto the paper and cut the excess of the wrapping paper with a very sharp exacto knife and metal straight edge. Finally, I stuck it to the front of the old matte and layered it all back together.

Now they really pop against my light yellow walls. I love pink and yellow together 4 ever!

Okay, so I cheated here. I bought a piece of semi expensive (about $5.00 for one sheet) Madori paper at a bead shop in Raleigh. Again, I did not quite know what I was going to do with it. The clerk said I should use it to wrap a gift. Well, that's great, but that better be one hell of a gift to one hell of a special person. I thought I might cut out a replacement for a lamp shade but no that was not it. I needed a pop of turquoise in my living room and it came to me. Matte it up!

I took my very dear painting my grandfather did of my first pet Leroy and decided to re frame him and the matte. Can you stand it?!!! I love that there are birdcages juxtaposed with a cat painting! I cannot take any of the credit, Karen at Karen's Custom Framing here in Goldsboro, managed to beautifully add the paper to the matte board in some easy (but sounded confusing) process and voila a new painting. Sorry, I should have had a before and after so you could truly appreciate the final result. I will keep this in mind in the future.

Monday, January 18, 2010

On the Road Again.....goodbye TEXAS

IMG_0657-400, originally uploaded by Elizabelles.

Our Christmas holiday came to an end in the wee morning hours on the 5th of January. We could never hit the open road without "Nadia" our trusty little Garmin. I found it very apropos to give her a strict Russian name, because she is a very bossy lady who does not tolerate any diversion from her narrow minded path. She is always right and will let you know it real quick.

IMG_0668-400, originally uploaded by Elizabelles.

IMG_0678-400, originally uploaded by Elizabelles.

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IMG_0680-400, originally uploaded by Elizabelles
This is Pasadena, TX a suburb of Houston. It is nothing but oil refineries and chemical plants as far as the eye can see, hence its nick name "stinka-dena". Look familiar? This town is where the movie Urban Cowboy was shot. Great movie, though kind of a seedy town.

IMG_0674-400, originally uploaded by Elizabelles.

Up, up and away over the Houston ship channel bridge.

IMG_0699-400, originally uploaded by Elizabelles.

IMG_0733-400, originally uploaded by Elizabelles.

IMG_0732-400, originally uploaded by Elizabelles.

IMG_0730-400, originally uploaded by Elizabelles.

A Long, Long Bridge

IMG_0707-400, originally uploaded by Elizabelles.

Hope we have enough gas! This bridge goes on FOREVER through LA! I do not know the exact number of miles, probably only 15 or 20 but it is relentless.

IMG_0713-400, originally uploaded by Elizabelles.

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The Mighty Mississippi

IMG_0720-400, originally uploaded by Elizabelles.

Here we go over the Mississippi River outside of Baton Rouge Louisiana. It truly is a mammoth river. I cannot comprehend the power of its current as you look down at it churning and spinning in circles. Although fictitious, my thoughts are always drawn to Mark Twain's Huckleberry Fin when we drive over it.

IMG_0727-400, originally uploaded by Elizabelles.

Reduce, Reuse, Recyle & Recreate!

IMG_1902-400, originally uploaded by Elizabelles.

I am in love! My mother-in-law Marge and I stumbled upon these one-of-a-kind gems while waiting for my mother in Schulenburg, Texas. The artist has taken a milieu of old tractor parts and has imaginatively recreated Texas trash into a treasure! I just love when someone can look at what others would refer to as "junk" and make something beautiful out of it, especially if it is a work of art. I can only imagine the old farmer who is making this sort of stuff. He probably has a beard, old (i.e. retired, well semi he still farms), wears overalls, has a large belly (from eating one too many kolache or deer sausage) and considers what he does is to just pass the time. I may be totally off in my description, but that is how I would like to portray him. Just a farmer from Texas who if were geographically relocated to somewhere like New York or Chicago would probably have his own showing in an art show or gallery. Either way I LOVE it! Now then, maybe I should have asked for a welding torch and mask for Christmas instead of a camera?

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The Gieco gecko! Get it?

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IMG_1894-400, originally uploaded by Elizabelles.

Snails! Yes snails made of nails! (and other stuff)