Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tea Tin Centerpiece

Tea Tin Centerpiece, originally uploaded by camillestyles.

Oh my goodness! Where have you been all my life? Well, I guess in my cupboard or in my trash bin. I LOVE this idea! Who knew that your old tin can could be made into something so beautiful? It must be the juxtaposition of the everyday tin can, next to the beautiful flowers that is so different and appealing. I could see this idea being used on so many different levels: luncheons, birthdays, weddings, children's tea parties, baby showers (how about using a can of peas!) can you stand it! I could go on and on! Now, I am off to scavenge through the pantry to see what we can eat for dinner, just so I can have the empty can. I will now be spending a prolonged amount of time in the canned food isle. See you at the grocery store!

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Friday, November 27, 2009

Sweet Packaging

Lolli Package, originally uploaded by Elizabelles.

Ever since I can remember, I have always had a passion and a "gift" to wrapping packages. When I was little, my mother would put every ones Christmas gift in boxes, label them with a name and I would take it from there. I don't think I was like most children, because all my packaging had to color coordinate to the decorations on our tree and every package had to have a hand made bow (no prefab plastic bow in a bag). Now days it seems as if you can be even more creative when it comes to gift wrapping. These gifts here are the first two I have wrapped this season. They are for two little girls back home in Texas. This one has a chocolate lollipop (I adorned with glitter of course) I bought at the wonderful Target $1.00 bin. What child would not like to have candy as a topper to a package? Then for the bows, I cut several strips of ribbon, various lengths and knotted them together with a separate piece of ribbon wrapping around the length of the package. Finally, I honestly could not find any gift tags, so I went on the computer, found a cute font and printed each name out on heavy card stock. As I was digging around in my scrap paper drawer, I came across this tinsel I forgot I had and hot glued it around the edge of the tag. Easy breezy! What child could resist these delectable goodies?

Peppermint Package, originally uploaded by Elizabelles.

Just when you think you have seen it all!

Dog snuggie, originally uploaded by Elizabelles.

As my husband and I were walking through Wal-Mart the other day, I stopped dead in my tracks when I passed by this display in the center isle. I could not believe my eyes! Are you kidding me? Now, do not get me wrong, I am all about dressing up animals in people clothing (after all they are small people with fur) but this is truly hilarious. Maybe it is because the add on television for the human snuggie is basically a bathrobe put on backwards isn't it? How does someone make millions with a reverse bathrobe idea? Well, now I guess the ingenious creator will be hauling in more mega millions by appealing to the animals lovers around the world. Humm, now do they make one to fit my largest dog?

Dog snuggie 2, originally uploaded by Elizabelles.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Bee Thankful Thanksgiving

thankful, originally uploaded by sevenworlds16.

Be thankful
Be kind
Be loved
Be generous
Be patient (especially if you are around family)
Be happy
Be spirited
Be helpful
Be reminiscent
Be full (mmm nappy time)
Be friendly
Be thoughtful
May you be surrounded by the ones you love and think of those who could not be with you in the present or the past.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Help, I have fallen and can't get up!

so.. I've been tagged.. again.., originally uploaded by Amadika.

Okay, this is exactly how I feel today! The ever tightening Christmas noose has wrapped itself around me like an anaconda. My goodness, how the pressure is on once the last Halloween pumpkin has been discarded our desperate gaze becomes fixated upon the next season, CHRISTMAS! My goal today is to organize all my Halloween remnants, packing them away ever so gingerly with anticipation of our summer move to Arizona. I can hardly utter the words, much less think of moving to this place. That's enough anxiety for me for one afternoon. Hopefully, I will blog later this week with good new that my Christmas decorations are hung by the chimney with care, Yea right!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hanging Out!

Why, this little skeleton is having a swinging good time, hanging out in my kitchen chandelier! I must admit, one of my passions is to decorate and adorn chandeliers and other light fixtures for all holidays throughout my home. They are the perfect place to hang various seasonal decor, because it is an empty void and does not require you to sacrifice any valuable surface area.

Most of what I have crafted thus far on my blog has not been very time consuming, until now. This guy did require a bit more time to embellish, as well as engineer. First, to acquire this look, immediately change out all the existing light shades. Buy new ones you might could use with a dual holiday in mind, such as red and white could be for Christmas and Valentines. Next, find little trinkets to hang from the arms of the chandelier at varying lengths. These baubles could range from glass ornaments (I used candy corn ornaments), cheap plastic spiders, small skeletons, bats or bows. The dollar store is a goldmine during the month of October. There are tons of trinkets littered all about the store. Let your imagination run wild.

Obtaining the skeleton was easy, he was given to me by a dear friend. He did in fact originate from Michael's. He started off a bit on the dull and scary side, but a can of spray adhesive and a jug of Martha Stewart glitter fixed that problem. Martha's glitter is just like her "a very good thing". Every devote crafter must have a vile of this sinful supply in there midst. My husband said and I quote, "Glitter is the herpes of the crafting world". True, though it is one STD I am willing to live with for the sake of everything looking spectacular!
Since he is virtually naked, I thought a top hat would be a good distraction from his, shall we say, parts. Paper mache is the medium in which I usually construct party hats, top hats, etc. things I cannot buy else where. Of course, if you are wearing a top hat you must have a bow tie to match. Simply knot one out of a couple of different ribbons or fabric.
Finally, the finishing touches are his serving tray and pennant. The pennant says "Bone Appetite" - Ghoulia Childs. How apropos, since the movie Julie and Julia was released this Fall and ever since I have become an avid blogger. The silver tray took a bit more time. On it are candied apples and chocolate cupcakes with green icing. All the goodies were constructed out of modeling clay and royal icing, then epoxied in place on the tray. The tray is attached by drilling two holes in the center and wired through and around his hand. Tricky, Yes. Time consuming, Yes! Worth every hour and day spent designing and fabricating, definitely Yes!

I told you nothing goes untouched in this house when it is the spooking season. Here, I quickly tied an orange glitter bow to my favorite orchid and added a bobbing hairy spider. Think of is as Charlotte (from Charlotte's Web) if spiders creep you out.

Yes, yet another place to hang all sorts of seasonal goodies is above large paintings and mirrors around your home. First, start with a good substantial base. Here, I used an awesome black, glitter grapevine garland (the very same sold at our trunk show), then draped a long strand of candy corn through it. Next the lettering. I was so fortunate to find a young lady, via blogging, who designed the "BOO" for me. Each letter is threaded with some ribbon, knotted and held into place at the back of the painting with a thumbtack. Super easy right? Oh, the mark of completion is to add a horned owl roosting at the top of the painting. Always design with the unexpected in mind! It is that added touch that people remember.

I do not know if you noticed my little party girl pumpkin doll sitting in her highchair at the dinner table. She is so petite she must use a squishy orange pumpkin for a booster seat. I dread to see Halloween nearing its end, because it means our morning coffees together are limited. I adore just gazing upon her. She too is a fab find from dear old! Where all things magical and imaginative come to life.

Are your eyes playing tricks on you or is this another bedazzled chandelier? Yes! In my dining room I do have one last light fixture, that has been hit with the Halloween stick. As I instructed before, I pitched the everyday light covers and bought new ones. Although you may not be able to see from the picture, these black shades have a gold metallic lining on the inside, washing the room in a rich dim glow. The jack-o-lantern white faces were cut out of card stock and glittered. A mixture of funky bright ribbons were made into a large bow and wired to the chain at the top. The bat is hanging down by his tippy toes hoping to grab a bite for dinner!

Ready for Tirck-or-Treaters!

I guess I am not one for spooky themed Halloweens. I am sure in the larger, more youthful neighborhoods they will have giant 8 foot tall ghoulish talking skeletons, glowing red eyed mummys and giant sticky spiderwebs outside on their porches to greet trick-or-treaters. Me, I like to keep it simple (outside that is). I enjoy a more whimsical Halloween, one that is polka dotted, ribbon coated and glitter gilded! Kind of like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory meets all hallows eve.

My glow-in-the-dark "happy haunting" sign came from Tuesday Morning early this summer. These funky signs were laying all around the store's end caps and no one was taking a second glance at them. Maybe it was the sweltering 90 degree plus weather outside. I am immune to buying too early, since I was the proprietor of my own decorating store.

On my front door I rejuvenated an old black grapevine wreath I have had in the closet for about 5 years. The "happy halloween" sign came from Wal-Mart of all places! Can you believe it? Instead of wrapping a bow that was a combination of hot pink, green glitter and sparkles, I thought I would use all black and white. Though, it is not funky colorful, the crisp black and white theme really stands out when you view the house from the road.

It is sad to say, I do not expect very many trick-or-treaters but these ghostly goodies I prepared for two special girls I know will love them! How cute would it be to serve all your treats on an old silver platter like this one. I wish I had extra candy corn covering the tray when I snapped this picture. It would have made the treats even more delectable!