Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hurry............"Time" is Running Out!

I am late, I am late for a very important date! S*P*R*I*N*G!! Darn it, I can never finish a project unless it is cursed with an eminent deadline i.e. Easter. So, I planned my approach way in advance and decided to make a banner that was dedicated to "Spring", with an Alice in Wonderland twist. How ingenious! Plus, it has its own added bonus, that upon purchase of this lovely number, you may proudly display it all season long! Double bang for your buck!

The "Spring Time" Banner
Size: about 8' total length (string and all) with the lettering spanning about 6' in the center Each section measures 4.5" x 6.5"
Material: made completely out of heavy glitter card stock, each letter cut and glittered by hand, applied with raised dots
Price: $40.00 (not including shipping and handleing)

If you are interested in purchasing this bannaer, please contact me via email: and I will gladly send it off to you.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring is in Bloom

I love flowers! Live or silk, nothing is more stunning than adorning your Sunday best with a giant floral corsage. You do not need a special occasion like Easter or Mother's Day to pull it off. So, it was only natural for me to make one from scratch! I was not quite sure what the end result would be, but after some experimentation (approximately 2hrs. later) I think I got it.

Note: do not underestimate the number of petals it will take to make a full bloom!

Wow, try and keep your eye focused on the flower, those white legs are quite blinding! Well, I completed my masterpiece Saturday night and wore it on Sunday, coincidentally the first day of spring! In retrospect, I guess I could have made it a bit smaller and demur, but bigger is better. Plus, for my size it had to be bigger or it would look as though I were wearing a boutonniere on my hip!
My goal now is to make more in various colors and patterns! They will be perfect on belts, pinned to purses, special packages, or to wear in your hair. Those are some lofty aspirations, I had better get started.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Little Slice of Heaven!

Coming from Texas, I have never before seen these famous cakes made here in North Carolina that consist of a ridiculous amount of multiple thin layers of cake. I guess they must bake a trillion batches of slivers of cake and precariously stack each layer. Though they are delicious, I do not intend to wait, bake and clean everything required to create such a dessert. Although, while speaking to my mother-in-law, I was describing such a cake and she recommended a similar (much easier) recipe. It is shall we say, Texas Style! The cake is made entirely of tortillas! Plus, it is a no bake!!!!! So, the following is my attempt at the recipe:

Tortilla Cake
10-12 Burrito size tortillas
4 c. Sour Cream
2 bags (11 1/2 oz.) Milk chocolate chips

Use a pie plate to trim tortillas to size. Melt chocolate in a double boiler. Add melted chocolate to 4 cups sour cream and beat until thoroughly mixed. Spread 1/2 cup mixture between tortillas to make layers. Don't get mixture too close to edges.

1 1/2c. Sour cream
1/2 c. Powdered sugar
2 pkg. dry Dream Whip

Beat ingredients until stiff peaks form. Ice cake and refrigerate 10-12 hours. Use a cake cover(not Saran Wrap) to cover. Cut small slices with a sharp knife. Decorate with chocolate curls (optional).

First, I bought the larger size tortillas, then used a 9" pie plate and trimmed around the edges with a knife (fed the excess to the dogs). Plus, I decided to use 12 tortillas because I wanted the cake to be tall enough to call it a cake and not a pie. Yikes, my had looks geriatric in this picture.

I do not own a double boiler (nor do I want to), so this is my interpretation (after googling "double boiler" on the web). Once you add the chocolate to the sour cream it turns into a wonderful type of mousse. Yum. Then, I scooped with a 1/2 cup measuring spoon the chocolate sour cream mixture and spread it between all twelve layers. It measured out exact. When it says do not get too close to the edge with the chocolate mixture, I now know why, because when you go to ice the cake it would all smear together. Not pretty! Okay, lets talk about the icing. What the heck is Dream Whip and where is it in the grocery store? Well, it is more common than you think. At the Charlie C's IGA up the road from my house it was sitting pretty on the top shelf of the baking isle. Then, the other day at Wal-Mart, not looking for it, I saw it again on the top shelf near the sugar.
Let me also discuss another issue I had with the icing. The rest of you reading this probably do not regard this as a big deal, but I am a virgin when it comes to baking/cooking knowledge. It seemed to take forever for my icing to whip itself into "stiff peaks". I guess I am totally clueless. Another side note, since it took me a remedial amount of time to whip the icing, I decided to put the cake in the refrigerator, so that the mousse would be good and firm when it came time to ice the cake (30 minutes later).

Damn, I started to cut into the cake before I documented the fruits of my labor! You get the picture. WOW!! The taste is all worth it! I was very anxious and curious to see what it tasted like. I must say it has a similarity to cheese cake, but almost ice creamy. It is delicious and you will love it! Thank you Marge for passing on the recipe!

Yearning for Anther Store?

While in Alexandria, Liz took us to this FABULOUS home decor store! I think I practically skipped down the sidewalk and into the door. It screamed, shouted and proclaimed "Welcome customers and welcome Spring!", while whispering...."Elizabeth..Open another store, you can do it!"
Wow, this store was awesome! The perfect mixture of Country French antiques, European flair, along with unique well priced gifts and a dash of retro. I want it all!
These silk cherry blossoms are FAB!!!, shooting out of this wonderful Italian vase, truly making a statement as you walked in the door. Hint: Never be afraid to go big and bold, yet keep it simple when contending with a large scale, i.e. lots on one thing! Hmmm...I think I will try to recreate this look with a few of my budding/ blooming branches when I get home. (tune in later for that)

Again, more blossom branches, along with multiple boxwood topiary balls. See, repetition of one or more objects just makes this vignette! I spy with my eye two buffet lamps that we had in the store. What great taste these owners must have.

Ta-Dah!!! Okay, this one takes the cake! This beauty in all its splendor is my Christmas gift from Liz. You may have heard me squeal with delight when I opened it!!! It is all me! Right down to the party hat!!!! I have come to learn in life that some people "get" you and some people do not. It is okay if they do not, it is not like it is a bad thing, but when someone is tuned in to your creative vibe it is wonderful!! Thank you Liz for everything. P.S. Did I mention it came from this same store above?

Wouldn't you know, I could not resist this cute little guy. He compliments the dog, oh so well. Also, lately I have a new, not quite an obsession (yet), call it an interest in the whole Spanish look. Since my new destination in the never ending road trip of my life will be Arizona, I am thinking of adding this whole genre to my decor. What do you think? I think I can pull it off. So, while in the store Liz and I stumbled across the sale room and we unearthed this relic. It has so many possibilities (Valentines, Christmas you name it & I rationalized it into my posession).

Lincoln, Lincoln, I've been thinkin.....Why don't we come for a visit?

The other weekend Mother and I decided to venture a visit to D.C. and Alexandria. Hip, hip, hooray! Road trip!
Who are we kidding, Mom and I trying to navigate through D.C. well, we quickly had to call upon our good friends the Bessel's! Graciously enough they became our instant tour guide and entertainment for the day. While there our guide Jim (Liz's husband) made this sudden stop to visit the Lincoln Memorial. The following are our photo ops, while there. Yes, you too can achieve our stunning look by standing in the cold wet wind on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial! Breathtaking.
No, I did not transform into Quasimodo! That giant hump under my raincoat would my attempt to shield my new fuchsia, suede purse from the glorious elements.
It was sooooo good to see Liz and her family again. It seems like old times!

Wait mom! One more quick photo before we depart.

Mom to the Rescue!

Well, as you may know by now my home is still on the market, and yes, I am still continuing to do all the little added "touch ups". At times it seems overwhelming! Everywhere you look there is something else to paint, clean, declutter, depersonalize (that one hurts!), minimize, emphasize, and any other adjectives associated with an HGTV show about staging and selling a home. If it were not for my mother's recent visit, I just might have lost it! Good old mom is always the answer to every worry and every problem we face in life. That is why when things go awry and we hit those little speed bumps (or walls) she is the first one to be the recipient of that emergency S.O.S. call. Super Mom is to the rescue!
Even my pets love a good visit from their "Meow-Ma"! I caught this rare moment of Mom and Rosco cuddled on the couch together.
Mother hard at work painting the windows. She is like a well oiled machine, she never quits and all she needs to keep her going are some tic-tacs and a Hersey bar! What cheap labor!

No one looks more forward to their Meow-Ma's visit than Halloween! She is Mother's roommate when she, or any guest for that matter, spends the night. Kind of like our own Wal-Mart greeter, welcoming people's stay. Here, she is protesting Mom's departure by perching her 15lb. body on top of her suitcase. Later, she decides to leave a little souvenir behind, so Meow-Ma does not forget her visit, nor her roomie!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

We Scratched Our "Itch" at the Flea Market!

Early Sunday morning, my Mother and I set out for an adventure to the Raleigh Flea Market at the Stat Fair Grounds. We knew it was going to be one of the first spring warm weathered days we have all been longing, so that alone made for a great precedence. I have been eager to escape from the house with all its fix up's and to do's associated with selling a home, so this little field trip was just what the doctor ordered!

First impression, know one told me this was an event that included canines! I should have brought a few from my own collection to mingle with the other pooches.

Would anyone like a spot of tea? The find of the day were these silver beauties!!!! LOVE THEM! I wish Liz were here to behold their sparkling British beauty! They were all precious. Each one was sooooo unique, and might I add, extremely well priced! They ranged from $30.00 - 50.00. Wow! I immediately asked the gentleman artist if he had a website in case any followers of mine (yes, both of you) were interested in purchasing one. I am sad to say, you too will have to travel the distance to the flea market to obtain one of these masterpieces (let me know and I would love to hitch a ride!) You are probably thinking, gosh Elizabeth, so which one did you buy? None. I had my ever so practical mother along who said, " What are you going to do with that?" She simply does not get it. I wiped the drool from my mouth and pressed on.

Yes, another friendly dog found scampering along side of his owner, perusing just the spot to hike his leg.
Oh yes, I want this vintage bar cart!!! especially after reading the latest entry in a blog I frequent It is a must read and you might be lucky enough to win some of her goodies in her latest giveaway! Head on over and sneak a peek!
Here are the big finds of the day! Mom shockingly purchased a very nice biscuit jar, adding to her collection, only after haggling the woman down to $15.00. Then, if that were not enough old eagle eyes herself (Mother) spotted the adorable blue and white vintage talcum powder tin. It was right under my nose and Mom spotted it. Crap, I must be losing one of my creative senses. Yikes!
Also, I found a little porcelain trinket box, which I like to collect if they are meaningful and attractive to me. The next find was this tart tin I thought would make a nice pleated skirt for the next doll I make. The woman running the booth gave it to me, what a steal! literally. Then out of the corner of my eye I spotted a tiny metal toy gun. Finally, the missing piece to a well thought out puzzle I have been trying to create in my mind. You will just have to wait and see where I am going to use it!

Mom's biscuit jar Sweet! Now how is she going to get it home to Texas? Maybe it will just have to reside here on my kitchen counter until my next trip to see her?
By mid afternoon we were dog tired and ready to head for home. What an adventure and what a beautiful day.
The End.