Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Market or Bust!

To market or bust has been our mantra for the past few years traveling to the Highpoint furniture market. Historically, we have faced a devastating cold (past amongst ourselves of course), engine trouble (leaving us stranded along the highway), extreme fatigue, vendors who do not deliver on their orders, vendors who have suddenly disappeared/ gone out of business, etc.......but we have always conquered these numerous blockades and have had a blast!
Here is Tif, posing next to a giant decorative piece of yard art? Too cool! I can just see a series of these balls in various colors spread out across an English garden like giant Crockett balls. Speaking of the English, Hail to the Queen!!!
This company, though a little snooty, wins the award in my book for best merchandising in history! As an English wholesale company, they have boldly and imaginatively displayed their wears, not only on the inside but outside as well (understatement). Who could resist visiting this shop! Their displays ooze out the door and demand your attention! The size is so over exaggerated it feels like you too are a prop in their performance and those fantastic flags pulled back serve as stage curtains.
Liz Bessel, I could only think of you the whole time I was trying to absorb all the creativity that went into this spectacle (and yes that is a gigantic couch slip covered with the Union Jack). Liz is my dear friend who was a Brit in a former life and would like to return to her homeland as soon as possible. If you visit her blog, you will learn more about this interesting woman and her love of England.

Journeying inside, you can see the sky is falling and raining down books!! The ceiling is only about 20 feet tall! How much time did that take I ask you? Then, to my right you can see the old typewriters mounted to this masonry wall. Talk about the words falling off the page! The entire display had tattered paper hanging from the typewriters and the red ribbon is frantically intertwined throughout the display, tieing it all together!!! (I will pause for an applause)......

I did ask to take photos of their display, which I think everyone should do before clicking away. Having owned a store, nothing is more flattering when someone politely asks to take photos, and on the other hand, nothing is more insulting when people brazenly go "paparazzi" on you and steal your creativity. Sorry, I did not document the rest of our trip. This was early in the morning and as the day progressed we had so much to do and so lilttle time.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pansies... the Forgotten Cut Flower

Now that spring seems to have come to an abrupt end, and an ominous summer is approaching, my choice of cut flowers are becoming limited. My camellias have pooped out and now that I look around all I have are my pansies. Pansies? I do no believe I have ever cut a bouquet of such. Here are the fruits of my labor.....
The colors are so BOLD and added a great splash of color to my kitchen. These delicate tissue paper thin flowers are so appropriate when placed in this tiny bud vase. LOVE IT!!! Yes, my obsession continues with tiny little vials, as this silver beauty is my newest acquisition from the Habitat Resale Store. It was a steal for .25 cents! Habitat must have been using a trainee for pricing that day, because otherwise it would have had a price tag of $15.00!

I mixed a few of the larger heads with the sweet johnny jump-ups for some dimension. I did not know that pansies even have a slight fragrent smell. Who knew? As for greenery that will last forever, I snipped a piece of mint that had vigorously returned from last yrs planting. Oh so easy, who cannot do this I ask?

I also use my beloved milk glass vase. I could not stop once I got started. Then I proceeded to plant my bud vases throughout the house so I can enjoy them in any room. (ie. the bathroom next to the sink, kitchen table, computer desk, kitchen sink, etc.)

Anyone can do this it is a must! And, if you do not currently have a flowering plant, cut some mixed greenery (add a little varigated for contrast) and shove it down in a vase.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Like Father Like Daughter

No, I am not confused. I am perfectly aware of the old saying "like mother like daughter" and "like father like son", but in my case it is appropriate to combine them both. I know that my creativity stems from a direct descent from my father's half of my DNA. Though I love my mom very much, my dad has always been the creative and artistic one in the family (besides myself of course). Whether it be woodworking, welding and even painting, he has never stopped being creative. Lately, his newest medium has been working with antlers. So naturally when I saw a knife carving set in the Horchow magazine, which was VERY pricey by the way, I immediately sent dear old daddy the photo. I believe it was only about three or four weeks and Ding...Dong a package came UPS from home. Here is what was inside:

I was not expecting to have such a special case in which to keep them stored. That turned out to be a very good thing, because I think the knife is very sharp!

L*O*V*E IT!!! With an eye for detail, Daddy even added the Texas seal in the handles. Nice touch! Now I am ready to carve the Thanksgiving turkey or the Christmas ham or........Hmmm ..maybe...the tofu? Either way, it looks wonderful and I will cherish it always. If you are interested in purchasing a similar knife set or placing a special order contact me via: and I will pass it along to my father.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Easter Bonnet Reinvented

Here is my interpretation of what I would want for my Easter bonnet. It has a party hat influence/ flair. I have had a slight obsession with hats since owning the store. Every good holiday can be interpreted into the appropriate party hat: Easter, Halloween, Valentines (a crown is always nice), Christmas etc. Since Easter is the last of the widely celebrated, commercial holidays until the Fourth of July(?), I believe I will turn my focus toward more demure events that seem to slip by us. Events such as the Kentucky Derby perhaps? Now that's a reason to wear a hat!

Not to toot my own part horn, but I am really pleased with the way she turned out. A bit vintage inspired with a splash of glitter. I feel a little deflated that Easter is now going to be over, because it seems as though I should put away all my vials of glitter. What will I do with myself? I will vow to incorporate glitter into our everyday lives, somehow? Stay tuned for more.

Happy Easter from Days Past!

A quick post before heading off to sunrise service. This week as I perused the card isle up and down I simply could not find the proper Easter card to send to my sister. Why do they make them so darn specific! For example: To my stepdaughter, to my niece, to my oldest son, from the cat (I like that one) etc. I just want a funny appropriate card! So, like any good crafter I decided to make a homemade one that was really specific, but meaningful! First, I found these old Polaroids (I cannot believe how old I am) in the drawer, made a color copy, cut and paste! Voila! Instant card.

That would be myself on the left and my sister on the right.
One good photo in the blazing Texas sun before church. I do not think we look so thrilled, but in retrospect aren't you glad your parents made you pose for these sort of pictures? Happy Easter to all friends and family!