Friday, February 25, 2011

Life Does Exist on the Red Planet! a.k.a. Tucson, Arizona

Houston, we have discovered life and it is human!

Well, this past weekend, as I was estate saleing it about the town with my mother-in-law, I met someone! Yes! She is real, live and under the age of 60! (No offense to my 60 - 80 yr. old friends, Love Ya!) I was beginning to believe such people did not exits! While I was sitting, rationally and somewhat irrationally justifying my purchases at the estate sale, next to me was the cutest young gal. She asked me if I ..........and before she could complete the question, I knew my immediate response was going to be..."No, I am not from here", or "No, we have never met before", but to my surprise she asked me if I had been in a local vintage/ resale shop, Razzel Dazzle, the day before. Oh, my goodness! YES I exclaimed with delight! That was me! Was that you!?!? who helped me in the store?!?!?! It was?! .......I mean is?! As she introduced herself and handed me her card, suddenly, I felt like a new student on the first day of school. This card was as if this little girl had just asked me if I would like half of her peanut butter and jelly sandwich! What an offering!

Her name is Sydney Ballesteros and she is adorable! If you do not believe me checkout her Blog site!! !
I would love to interject a spectacular photo from her blog here, but she does most (if not all) of her own imagery and I would not like to infringe upon any copyright laws. If I had to describe her she closely resembles the singer, Lisa Loeb. You must check her out! She is as cute as a button! Among her many talents are: wardrobe stylist, creative director, vintage model-hair & makeup artist, mom, wife and just an all around true vintage gal! Too cute! I LOVE her vintage flair! I must admit, I adore her whole look and envy the way she embraces and incorporates vintage into her lifestyle! You go Syd! You have now inspired me to fearlessly wear my vintage eye glasses outside of the house! Now, which pair should I start off with?