Friday, April 22, 2011

My Earth Day Good Deed!

Yesterday was indeed Earth Day 2011! Hip, Hip, Hooray for Mother Earth!!! and No, I did not have any big celebratory plans in mind to pay homage to this wonderful day.....because after all, shouldn't every day be earth day?

daily I recycle,
turn the faucet "off" when I brush my teeth,
attempt to conserve energy (currently living with the thermostat @78degrees!),
and now that I live in Arizona I respect my surroundings and the wildlife...ALL of it!
Especially this little(?) fella! Say Hello to my little friend the Western Diamondback Rattlesnake!

Late yesterday afternoon, I walked into my office to discover this rattlesnake taking a stroll down my driveway. He was just cruising along at a snail's pace and paused just long enough to sun himself by the midday sun. First, I must admit I could not believe my virgin Texas (part North Carolina) eyes! I screamed so loud for my Mother I gave myself a headache for the remainder of the day.

(Can you see him? If it were not for that black and white ringed tail he would have fallen off my radar. Don't you love the fact that the color of his scales perfectly camouflage him with the color and texture of my driveway?)

If I were to guess, I would approximate his size to be 3'-0" to 3'-6". Thank goodness for my handy dandy camera lens that enabled me to take these almost up close photos, not to mention I was hanging over the side of the bed of the pickup truck.

I cannot lie, the cursory thought of eliminating him (i.e. taking his life) did pass through my mind. I think it is only instinctive for humans to want to defend themselves against a threat, but that is simply a bit of an irrational, selfish thought. So, as quickly as he appeared for his photo shoot, he disappeared into the evening setting sun. I guess you could say I have traded my furry little squirrel friend from NC for a cold blooded, slithering reptile of the Southwest.

Happy Trails!

It was only ironic that today was Earth Day, because had it been just another day, I would have done the same thing in letting him go.

Hugs and Kisses (or Hisses) this beautiful Earth Day!