Friday, September 9, 2011

The Locals

Meanwhile, I thought I would tempt/ entertain you with a snippet of my favorite local booths at Copper Country Antique Mall. Trust me, there is much, MUCH more to see, experience and buy if you come for a visit!

I do not personally know this man that has this totally fabulous booth, but WOW! These are all real preserved butterflies! The color is simply electric! and the mounting with the simple wood frame and glass background...Stunning!
Can you not just see these displayed in a wonderfully dim lit library littered, with all types of vintage emphera and accented with Restoration Hardware furniture to boot!

Injected: Above is a page from the newest Restoration Hardware Catalog

Here is my friend Wendy's booth just a stroll away from mine. She has totally fabulous taste and is fully stocked in tons of French finds!

Yet another one of my favorite booths to visit! Trey has an eye for taking your everyday vintage objects and making it memorable! He is sooooooo good at what he does and he works so fast, has the most reasonable prices and is perpetually updating his booth with products! Literally, you have to cruise past his booth at least 3x's a week just to see what is NEW!

I would die for that itty bitty wheelbarrow! Is it not precious!?
Could you not just see it on a kitchen island filled with veggies? or in the fall loaded with tiny pumpkins!? AHHHHH, I want it all!

Yet another vendor an isle over has this beauty for sale for a mere $90.00! Who doesn't want/ need/ desire a spectacular plaster Corinthian column pediment? I can think of about 101 uses for it right this moment! Oh, it desperately needs a good home!

Please stop by for a visit at Copper Country! You will be glad that you did!